Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mineral Makeup Musings

Minerals face
Hello All. I would like to make a confession.....I have....SENSITIVE COMBINATION SKIN!!! Its not a crime, I know. But, for my skin, using heavy cream foundations is like a federal offense. By the end of the day, my skin is itchy, red, dripping oil in my T-zone; not to mention the crummy brown gook under my nails (and on my cell phone..yuck!) from "not" scratching my face all day. 
But there is a new sherriff in town! Mineral Makeup! I was skeptical at first like most people, but after trying one famous brand I was hooked! 

Me on my wedding day...and no this pic is not airbrushed!

See exhibit A above. I ordered the Bare Minerals starter kit for my wedding makeup, hoping this would save me from having my face shalaqued with creamy foundation. Even though its kind of priced out of the cheap makeup range, it did what it said!! My skin NEVER looked or felt better. My pics were amazing. I have dark blemishes on my cheeks...you can even see them! It felt like I had nothing on my face all day long. It was so comfortable. It was a $75 dollars well spent!

Now for us money concious divas out there, there are cheap mineral makeup brands out there. 

e.l.f (eyes.lips.face)- Mineral make up containers are the same size as Bare Minerals...but cost $5.00 each! Viva La Cheap Makeup! Gave me the same coverage as Bare Minerals, but you do have to use a little bit more. 

Signature Minerals- I am waiting to order makeup from this company, but the reviews I have read are wonderful!  Check out what some people are saying at MakeupAlley .

These are the ony two I have had dealing with, but if you put "mineral makeup" or "cheap mineral makeup" in your google search, there are SOO many other companys! The best part is most of these sites have SAMPLE PACKS that are either free or cost very little...and they give you A LOT.

A couple of words of cautions:

For my fellow African American Beauties- I find it helpful to call the companies directly or email them and ask what shade is best used on AFRICAN AMERICAN skin. Be specific when describing your skin tone. Computer monitor colors can be tricky. This will save money, time, and mental frustration. 
Just because its mineral, doesn't mean it's from the earth!- Just because the company says its mineral makeup, doesn't mean all the ingredients are derived from naturally occuring mineral sources. Some are more "pure and natural" than others. That being said, just because its "natural" doesn't mean it won't irritate your skin. Be careful. We all love cheap makeup, but listen to your dermis! I'm not a scientist mind you, but for all my chemistry and earth concious divas here is an article from WebMD that's very enlightening.

There you have it! Just my thoughts.....What do you think? Leave your comments, questions, and experiences!


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